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Post Author: TaeEun Yoo

6 Replies to “Chrysanthemum Slimline – Pinkfresh Studio”

  1. Well I haven’t ‘got this’ nor could I ever produce such dreamy no-line results but the heat-embossed image might be managed – thanks, my muse!
    GORGEOUS creations!

  2. Gorgeous cards! I really love the left card – some of my favourite colours in that one 🙂

  3. Oh my this stamp looks amazing, I know I shouldn’t but will what’s another stamp. Amazing colouring and designs my friend xx hugs Aileen

  4. Two wonderful slimline cards TaeEun and with those two different looks for the chrysanthemum image. I just adore the colours on the first with the simple background, and then the stencilled one with the more ornate background and the scalloped frame looks beautiful too..great designs. x

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